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Hi! I'm Noorah.

 A coach, an artist, and the founder of In Conversation. I help artists and other creative professions step into their unique set of gifts and abilities and work through the vulnerability that comes with doing creative work- Coz your strengths matter and the world needs who you were made to be.

Noorah has 8+ years of experience with over 400+ individual clients 
Corporate Clients
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"Each of us has been given a unique set of opportunities, gifts, and challenges. And there is a reason why we are here and it is our job to figure out what that is."
- Nouman Ali Khan


Coaching is not a new concept to me, but I never had a coach such as (Noorah). She creates this safe space where you feel seen and heard. It’s a very vulnerable & real place to be in. With every coaching session, I get so many “aha’s” that it blows my mind and I have to write them down! After a few months of coaching, I can definitely say that I'm in a much more conscious space and closer to my heart, and soul.
Noorah gives from her heart, and it reaches out to ours.

- Strengths Based Coach, Riyadh

 Thank you for hanging out with me today!

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