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Better bounndries online class after it.
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Class Details

"Noorah, everyone tells me I give too much... I love giving, but it's hurting me." - so many clients.

I recently came across a study by Adam Grant on who succeeds more in life Givers, Takers or Matchers?


















I find it fascinating that both the lowest successful group AND the highest successful group were both Givers.


What determines whether you'll end up at the bottom or at the top?


What determines whether being a Giver will leave you successful or hurt and angry? 


Since this is a pattern that speaks to me on a personal level and to a lot of my clients, I decided to make it our first topic in the Sometimes In Life online class series. 

Some of the topics we will cover:

⇢ What’s holding you back from being assertive or for asking for what you want? Or from saying "yes" when you need to
⇢ How to know when a boundary has been crossed
⇢ How to say "no"(and for those who need more yeses how to say "yes")
⇢ How to put your heart in the right place for tough 

⇢ What to do when you feel like empathy and fear hold you back
⇢ Live Q&A


  1. Feel better about yourself

  2. Build healthier relationships based on a solid foundation

  3. Increase self-regard, respect, and esteem

  4. Get what you want out of your relationships without losing yourself

Access Fee:

99SR/ 27USD

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 2.26.57 PMsdc.

For Who:

⇢ If you find it hard to assert yourself and want to know-how

⇢ If you feel like your relationships could be better

⇢ If you feel like you've been trying to change the other person and it's not working

I'll see you there ☀️,

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