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Join the next live class
Tue, May 28rd  (Ramadan 23rd)
10- 9 PM, KSA time

Class Details

Most of us seek out trying to be perfect (even when we 'know' we can't be perfect), in order to avoid being judged, shamed, and ridiculed by others.

We use it as a tool and a weapon that shields and protects us..., but here's the thing... eventually we're gonna be really really unhappy with ourselves.


If you're always wondering what other people will think of you..

If you find yourself always wondering if you're good enough...

If your always comparing yourself with what others can do...

Then this class is for you.

Some of the topics we will cover:

⇢ How does the need to be perfect show up in your life

⇢ A 5 step process to uncover what you REALLY need
⇢ Tools and insights to turn the inner-gremlins around

⇢ The difference between wanting to be 'perfect' and 'striving for our best'
⇢ Live Q&A




  1. Feel better about yourself

  2. Tap into a new source of energy and motivation

  3. Accomplish more and feel better while doing it

  4. Find acceptance

  5. Find answers to inner-conflicts


Registration fee:

Early Bird Registration Fee (valid until May 22nd): 95SR/ 26USD (enter the code "EarlyBird20%" at checkout)

Regular fee:  120SR/ 32USD

Who's this class for?

Everyone is welcome. Especially those of you who are tired of carrying the weight of needing to be perfect and constantly worrying about what others might think.


Tue, 28th of May 10 PM to 11 PM, Saudi Time.

P.s. if you’re unable to join live, no worries we got your back and you’ll get a recording of it available for up to 7 days


This will be a live event held online using Zoom. Once you sign up you will get a link to the online class.

P.s.s. Your privacy will be taken in consideration, you will be muted and your camera turned off. There will be a chat-box to communicate with me and the group, ask questions, and share insights.


See you in class,


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check out the podcast on the topic

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