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Pearman Personality Integrator

an assessment

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A personality assessment that not only:

⇢ Tells you who you are, but also..

⇢ Where you're stretching yourself too much out of your comfort zone and causing yourself stress

⇢ Or maybe not stretching yourself enough?

This groundbreaking tool brings a new model of understanding and development to the field
of personality type. The combination of Dr. Carl G. Jung’s work on psychological types with Dr. Roger Pearman’s insights led to the creation of an assessment that examines an individual’s personality at multiple levels.

The Pearman model of personality type is composed of two parts:

1- Pearman Personality: Telling you what your natural tendencies are (what comes naturally to you) and your demonstrated tendency (how you actually act which might be similar or different then what our natural tenancies are)- pisst this is where you find out whether you're stretching out of your comfort zone or not and how much.

2- Pearman FlexIndex: Assesses the skills and abilities needed to function effectively within
and outside of an individual’s personality. Providing actionable information and specific development strategies for the client to develop their flexibility.

Take the assessment!
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Download samples

Workplace Report

Leadership Report

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