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Here’s what you can expect...

A gang of no more than 12 people who are just like you, thinking about the same topic, wondering where to go next, and looking for answers to similar questions.


What happens in the sessions?

Over a warm cup of coffee, we sit in a circle and have a conversation. I usually start the sessions with:

  1. The rules of the session

  2. I ask a question

  3. We go around, and whoever would like to share shares their thoughts and experiences.

  4. I ask more questions.

  5. More conversations

  6. I pull out a sheet of paper with questions and exercises around the topic to help guide the conversation.

  7. I share a few important insights and tools.

  8. Everyone gets a chance to share their key takeaways and the things that stood out to them the most from the conversation.

  9. We take a group picture holing up our coffee cups :)

Who’s this for?

  • If these topics speak to you.

  • If you're between 1:1 private sessions with me and want to stay connected.

  • If you want to experience life coaching, but want a more budget-friendly option.

  • If you want to be a part of a space, you can belong in and be a part of a community that gets you.

Where will we meet?

In-person at Desert Designs, second floor by the coffee lounge, Khobar, KSA

* Sessions are open to both men and women
* Sessions will be held in English

Come With a friend and get a 20% discount!


A Happy tribe

The most comment feedback I get is: “This was amazing! I didn’t realize other people felt the same way.”, and "I enjoyed being part of the group."

What I personally love most about the sessions...


I love holding a space where we get to learn how we show up to others; how we express our thoughts and feelings, and how we allow others to do the same.


Helping others to see and hear us, and letting others feel seen and heard. I truly love the work.

And it’s even more special when we have a group of males and females and we get a chance to better understand what we each need. 


 (PS- managing this my job all you have to do is show up 🌻 )

Sign up

​If you don't have Paypal you can pay by bank transfer:

1-Kindly send payment to:

         Beneficiary: Noorah Haroon Kareem 
         IBAN : SA88-4000-0000-0022-0009-8499
         Bank: Samba Bank​
2- Once payment is made send me an email notification including a copy of the transfer.

Thank you, and I'm excited to see you!

Your fan,


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