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Decided to change somethinng

The team laughs: "That's what happens to us all the time!”


One of my favorite programs to give is the 'TypeCoach Influence Course’. It's fun, dynamic and definitely game changing. 

In the training you leave with two things:


1- Being able to identify personality types

2- Tailor their approach when dealing with different types


Coz here's the thing, each personality type has a different set of values (and it's not personal).


Once you understand what motivates (and demotivates) people, you can tailor your approach to increase trust, respect, and your influence.



*To learn more about the program visit:


* To get a free online access code to experience it first hand and know if it's what you're looking for your team, drop me an email.

For Businesses


The training can be tailored for:

1- Teams within an organization:

  • Enhance team communication and leadership efficiency

  • Spotting and influencing innovation

  • Manage change and transformation

  • Manage stress and conflict within an organization

2- Sales teams:

  • Expand their scope of influence by adapting their style to the communication needs of their prospects

  • Increase trust and loyalty with your customers

  • Better sales

  • Create advocates

Graduates of the training also report: 


⇢ An INCREASE in their INTERPERSONAL SKILLS of 50% or greater 


⇢ An INCREASE in their INFLUENCING SKILLS of 25% or greater

This program comes in two parts:


1- Online tools:


Each team member will get an access code that includes four online tools:


  1. The personality assessment

  2. Verifier Plus (to make sure you got the right type)

  3. Coaching and training videos for more online recourses

  4.  Type-to-Type chart where each team member will be placed somewhere within the chart.



2- Live training:


After the team takes the assessment we meet  for an interactive training on how to identify personality types , and how to increase our trust, impact, and influence.

For Leaders


➱ Understand what comes easier and harder for you

➱ Be your best self

➱ Shed light onto your personal challenges and blind spots

➱ Tap into the recourses that you already have and invested in it

Helping leaders:

  • Increase their influence and impact

  • Hold more effective conversations

  • Better stress management

  • Stretch their comfort zones

  • Uncover strengths that haven't been fully tapped into yet

The program comes in two parts:


1- Online tools:


You will get an access code that includes four online tools:


  1. The personality assessment

  2. Verifier Plus (to make sure you got the right type)

  3. Coaching and training videos for more online recourses (optional)

  4.  Type-to-Type chart where you can create your own chart of people you've identified their personality types (optional)

2- Private Success Coaching Sessions:


My job is to support you in making the most out of your  personality type. Together we will help you understand your strengths and challenges and increase your impact and other's openness to hearing you ideas and being influenced by you.

Why TypeCoach?

Why TypeCoach?

Watch Now


"The whole session seemed simple and easy. Throughout the session I was thinking to myself, what an INCREDIBLE way to understand my team, clients, partners, suppliers, and for my team to understand me & my personality type. (That’s been a personal challenge throughout the years building a business.)


What the team-dynamics type coach has added to our culture is epic. It definitely has brought value for the entire team. 


I’m grateful, Noorah took the time and effort that made this training easy to digest for a team of 10 and the fast approach we wanted - she facilitated it brilliantly at ArtGarage."

- Shibin Zain, CEO and Founder of ArtGarage

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