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Does Doing The Right Thing Mean No Pain?

Yesterday, I opened my inbox to this question:

“Noorah, how does one know they are on the right track? Do you feel joy and at peace? Or is that not necessary?

So, let’s talk about it.

Short answer, no.

At least not right away.

Long answer…

Sometimes doing the right thing means pain. Pain coz I’m finally ready to open my eyes and see my life and myself as I am. And sometimes in life, that means seeing something that hurts or that makes us uncomfortable.

N O R M A L.

Not only normal but expected too. It means you've done the hardest bit. Choosing to see ♥️ 👁

The beginning is hard. That's why so many of us run away from awareness and self-reflection. It's scary to shed light in a dark place when it's been dark for so long, and we aren't sure what we might find.

Doing the right thing can bring mixed emotions. Being on track doesn’t mean you won't be sad, hurt, or even a little broken at times. Sometimes joy, happiness takes a little bit of time and work before we can feel it.

So, just because your feeling sad, hurt, or pain DOES NOT mean you're doing something wrong.

And just because you're feeling joy or happiness DOES NOT mean you're on the right track.

I say this coz joy and happiness can come from doing “the wrong thing”- at least short-term joy and happiness. I can drink, party, and hook up with a person that’s not good for me and feel all of those things- temporary.

Lasting joy and contentment are results of doing the right thing. Results coz they are NOT THE GOAL of life, but they are the results of good choices.

As for peace, it really depends on what your definition of peace is.

In general, I’d say, when we do the righter thing (especially when our intention is pleasing God or showing Him that we're trusting Him with the things we love), this brings a kind of calm that's deeper than "life"... Even with sadness and hurt, there is calm.

"وأنزلنا عليهم سكينة."

"And we send down tranquility unto them.."

Notice the phrase "sent down"; This means sometimes our emotions need an intervention from Allah. A higher power to heal our hearts, to tie our hearts down, and send calmness onto them to help us stay on track.

Here's what you should remember, mixed emotions can happen even when you do the right thing. But hopefully, it comes with enough internal calmness to keep you going. And with time, contentment will happen.

Invest in understanding yourself, your strengths, values, and purpose so you can 'see' life for what it is even when your emotions are playing ping-pong on the inside.

Here for you, ♥️♥️


PS- Got a burning question you’d like us to talk about? or answer in my next podcast episode? Hit reply! I love hearing from you.


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