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How To Get Out Of The Loop

Self-disappointment is a real thing. And it's one of the hardest feelings one can have.

Over and over again, I see people get stuck with the question "am I worth it?”. And I say this because when you're filled with self-disappointment and regret, this question can lead you into a path of despair and self-punishment. I know this, coz I’ve been there and I work with a lot of people who get stuck there as well. I feel like it's a question that shaytan tries to get us stuck in. 〰️〰️〰️

What I learned is that, if you're filled with self-disappointment and have nothing to hold onto for a hope of change and being a better person, then hold onto gratitude. Don't wait for you to feel "worth" being a better person or for you to punish yourself enough. Chances are, they will lead you to even more darkness (because you will need to walk the opposite direction from light due to the fact that you don't feel like you deserve light). If this is you, hold onto gratitude. Don't choose to be a better person because you "deserve it", do it because you are "grateful" for a second chance. Because you are "grateful" for the opportunity to do better. ✨🙏🏻🦋 I write for you and I write for me, Noorah

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