If I Only Knew Why, Then I'd Be ____.

Sometimes in life, we may feel like “If I could only see the bigger picture, then I’d understand... I'd be okay..."


“If I only knew why then I could heal. I could move on… “


"I need closer before I can move on"

Seems logical, right? I mean, it makes sense, no??! Well here is the truth, life is made of two parts:

1-The seen world

2- The unseen world The whole point of religion and trusting God is to test wether we believe in the unseen. When you and I don't understand something, when we can't see why it is the way it is or how it could possibly be good for us, and we don't understand the bigger picture, that's when we need to rely on believing in the unseen. And that can only come when we have relationship with The Creator. When we know Him enough to be able to say "Okay Allah, I don't understand, but I know you got this (and you got me) and that's enough."

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Here's to a life were we trust with eyes wide open,


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