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Thoughts On “Gifts That Scare Us...”

Study of an eye

Since I was a kid, the ability to understand and see things from the inside out used to scare me.

I think one of the gifts that God gave me personality is the ability to see how things are connected on a deeper level.

For me to understand or learn something, I need to understand it’s core then I understand it from the outer point of view.

For a long time I felt like this gift, well wasn’t really a gift more like a scary burden.

When I’d “see” something- didn’t matter if it was about myself or others-Let's say I saw a pattern that a loved one was engaged in and I understood their need behind it. I understood what they were missing and I understood what they were trying to fill- I felt like it was a weight on my shoulders and information that didn’t know what to do with.

Now, I see how this quality made me the art therapist, the artist and the coach that I am. Now, I see how it was a gift... after I have put it to work.

Is there any gift that you’ve been given that for some reason you find yourself running away from??

If so, what do you need in order to stop running?

What do you need to grow within yourself to turn that burden into a gift? As it was meant to be...

For me, I had to learn how to use that information and insight to support and help others (instead of just carrying it as a weight on my shoulders).

Coz if I learned anything in life, it’s that, the gifts we were given nudge us and poke us (this is when they feel like a burden) until we find a way to put them to work. Fulfilling its purpose and our own purpose. Isn't that partly why we were put on this earth?

Embrace the gifts,

Noorah 🌤

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