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3 Unexpected Things I Learned About Success

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

"Oh man we're moving?!"


⇢ I got married I had to revise what "success" meant to me.


⇢ We relocated to a different country, and I had to redefine what "success" meant to me.


⇢ I hit my goals and had to re-explore what "success" meant to me.

Here's the thing, we're all always moving through new stages in life; a new job, a new position, family roles change, relationship dynamics are different-even we change! And most of the time this calls for redefining what things mean to us.

What success means to us...




Here's what I learned about success in particular:

1- Your WHY is the core and stays with you, but your HOW now that may change so many times you may lose count! And that's just part of life.

It's the challenge and the excitement.

2- Hold onto your intention (your WHY) and be flexible with your HOW.

3- Redefining what values mean to you- including success- and what they look like in different stages, is just a part of life.

It's how we grow.

Sometimes what got you here, won't get you there.

And what worked for you then, may no longer be working for you now.

That's just how life is.

Do you feel like you’re entering a new stage in your life/career and your not sure what it looks like yet? Or what it means?Do you find your self in a place in life where you do need to redefine what success, happiness, contentment, etc mean to you?

To a life of fulfillment and work for an impact,



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