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What Does Your Personality Type Say About You?

Are you right handed or left handed?

Weird question right?

Here's the thing, helping people uncover their personality types is just like asking them which hand they are more comfortable using.

Whatever hand you chose that's your strength (and also challenge coz we know that all strengths are weaknesses on the flip side-life!)

Personality profiling is based on two things:

1- What comes "naturally" to you 2- And what brings you energy

And I say the second point because you can train the other hand to write just as good as the dominant hand but it still won't energize you. And it's important to know that in order to avoid burnouts

Understanding yourself and what enables you to be your best self can help you:

➱ Uncover your natural strengths ➱ Shed light on to your personal challenges and blind spots ➱ Conversations (especially hard ones that are done under stress) become a lot less personal

➱ We can start giving each other what we really need.

Who doesn't want that?

P.s. wherever you are in the world I'm hosting a webinar on personalities on May 22 learn more.

To having the right information,


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05 oct 2021

This was great tto read

Me gusta
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