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Why Competing Won't Work

Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Whether you are a big businesses, a small business or an entrepreneur creating your own services, this rule applies to you.

When you start focusing on competitions and trying to get an advantage over them, you are in a red ocean of opportunities. There isn't much room for you to create and make lasting innovations. It also doesn't give you an opportunity to really dig deep and uncover the unique things that you were created with and only you can contribute with based on your unique map of gifts, talents and challenges.

When you shift your focus and start looking at the value you can offer, especially from the view point of your customers, you suddenly aren't limited with with what other can can contribute with and and you've opened the ability to find (or create) a blue ocean of opportunities that are true to your personal and professional abilities.

And in a blue ocean, there is a lot more room to add value, innovate and create breakthroughs!

~ What value can you offer that is unique and puts your services on a different shelf then your competitors?

Talk soon,


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Very insightful and transforming! This was needed for me very much!

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