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Your One Word Strategy | One Word That Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Because 10 goals can be hard to remember and one word will stick!

A couple years ago, I read this book called: One Word That Will Change Your Life by D. Britton. The idea was simple and powerful: at the beginning of every year you think of one word that you can focus on. One word that reflects all areas of your life.

One of the things I love about this approach is that it highlights our intentions. Goals are great don't get me wrong but what happens one someone doesn't know what their goals are yet?

Intentions are also a strong force to what we are open to and what will open up to us in return.

In 2017, my one word was {build}.

Being newly married I wanted to build a marriage.

Build a new relationship.

Build new parts of me.

Build new routines and habits.

Build a new career and a new platform.

This year the only word that keeps popping into my head is {create}, so it must be it!

Now that I’ve built foundations maybe it’s time to create!

Create the relationships that I want.

Create the me that I want to be.

Create new ways of applying my knowledge and helping others.

Create new forms of self-expression.

Creating things with my hands, words and beliefs.

Now it’s your turn, what one word will you be holding onto in 2018?

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