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Art Gives Us A Picture Of The Subconscious Mind

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I recently gave a talk on "Art As A Reflection Of Self" in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia, where I got a few interesting questions.

Some people might say art therapy or creative healing is bull. I want to invite you to think otherwise.

Here's why, when we express ourselves using our hands even if it's a doodle or a scribble, it's all coming from the mind.

When we express, both our conscious AND UNCONSCIOUS mind get put on down on paper.

And that's power.

When we are able to make the invisible visible suddenly we have awareness on a deeper level (both on a conscious and unconscious level), and with awareness we have choice.

And choice is power.


When my clients pick up their pencil, things just flowed. They don't have to think. They don't have to form what they were thinking and feelings into words, yet. They could just draw.

When the picture feels complete to them and they had no more to add, we would look at the picture (the drawing), as a visual representation of what's happening on their insides, my feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, needs, and desires, etc.

They suddenly have information.

Information that came from them. For them.

From this place of insight and understanding, they can add words. They can uncover patterns and find new meanings.


AlKhobar, I will be hosting a second group workshop this Oct the 13th get more information and sign up here.

I will also be hosting a live story this Saturday the 29th, on my Instagram account from 5:30 to 6 PM to chit-chat and reply to all your questions.

Can't wait to hang, Noorah

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