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Boost Your Self-Confidence

Being confident doesn't mean "I don't have any weaknesses" or "I'm good at everything".

Being confident means being able to see yourself for what you truly are. Both the things that come easily to you and the things that are harder for you.

Coz here's what I see happening, people either go on one extreme or the other...

Holding on too tightly to their strengths where they can't see any place of improvement.

Or they hold on too tightly to their weaknesses that are unable to own their strengths are.

Both are flips sides of "not feeling good enough." One side just chooses to prove their strengths (fighting mostly to themselves). The other extreme doesn't feel "good enough to own what they are good at.

The middle zone (where self-confidence lies) is where we can see our selves as a whole.

We can lean on our strengths at the same time we are aware of our challenges and can consciously decide on what we want to lean on and what we want to improve on and why.

Here's a podcast I recently did on the subject of self-confidence.

One way to boost self-confidence is by getting to know your strengths, what comes easy for you and what you find more challenging. (Here's an assessment that will help you do just that.)

  • Do you find it easy or hard to be assertive?

  • Are you really good at problem-solving that even those around you come to you for solutions?

  • Is it easy for you to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that brings impact?

  • Or do you struggle to find the right words?

  • Does optimism come naturally to you?

  • What about reality testing, can you see the world for what it really is? Even when your emotions are involved?

These are all emotional and social skills that we need in order to lead meaningful and successful lives.

Take the emotional intelligence assessment and uncover your strengths, challenges and boost your self-confidence!

Remember we all have our own set of strengths and challenges and it's normal for each stage in our lives to find something new to grow. But that's also where happiness comes in. Happiness is feeling like your growing each and every day.


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