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Can I Trust My Inside Voice?

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

I recently read something that spoke truth to me and I wanted to share it..

"There's a voice inside you. You know it's there, but you spent your life distrusting it. Stop.
A spiritually healthy heart is a compass. Sometimes that voice is from Allah's direction--a light put inside you, by Him. Stop covering it. Stop shutting it down out, thinking you can't trust yourself. Stop distrusting your gut. And thinking you aren't good enough. Stop listening to the people so much, and start listening to yourself.
Purify your heart. Then trust it.
And follow it."_ Yasmin Mogahed

There is a wise voice in all of us.

It is true that some of us may be able to hear it louder then other. It is also true that at different times in our lives, the voice might speak louder then others.

Truth is, hearts need to be cleansed and cleaned.

Over and over again.

The cleaner the heart is, the easier it is to hear what it has to tell us.

When I work with my clients using art therapy-and because it does deal with a lot with what's happening under the surface and it puts a picture to the subconscious-it never fails to amaze me how this voice is always present. Always wise. Always calling us.

And it keeps calling us.. until we choose to listen -or we don't.

Signs are always there.

Directions are always there.

Guidance is always there.

We are responsible for the things we chose to see and hear or the things that we choose not to see and hear.

Your heart is a compose.

And it is talking to you.




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