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Uncovering Your Unique Map Of Abilities

Updated: Dec 24, 2017

"What is the point?! A lot of people know how to write"

This is one of the challenges that a lot of my clients face. And honestly, I know what it feels.

Here is the thing about strengths, we may share some-for insistent I may be good at writing and you may be good at it to, but your unique experiences, characteristics, abilities and challenges will make what you can offer different then what I can offer. Even through we may use the same strength or skill.

This is where understanding who who you are and what you were born capable of contributing is extremely important.

No matter who you are (or who others are) there is something unique that only you can bring into the world. Invest in yourself and what you were created able to be and do.

~ What skills and strengths do you have? And how does your story make what you offer worth sharing?

Remember there is power in identity,


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